Candice Dan

Redefining Art with Virtual Reality & The Metaverse

A Talk by Candice Dan (Art Collision)

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About this Talk

An exploration into how Virtual Reality & the Metaverse is breaking boundaries in art creation, exhibition, and interaction.  Exploration of VR's impact on art creation, exhibition, and monetization.   We will explore traditional galleries utilizing VR as well as learn how to exhibit and showcase art in various metaverses.  We will visit virtual and real life galleries  including Art Gate VR (visit SkyFinefoods), (visit Artemis Herber, an independent artist), CryptoVoxels (visit Floating Point Gallery), Decentraland (visit Sothebys auction house) and others.  

Theoretical Introduction

a. Definition of the metaverse. 

b. Brief history of the evolution of metaverses. 

c. Introduction to virtual reality and web3.

Practical Exploration

a. Virtual Reality Metaverses (1h):

- Immersive experience in a VR metaverse example: the case of Art Gate VR &

- How to navigate and interact in this space.

- Practical exercise: gallery tour in the metaverse

b. Web3 Metaverses (1h):

- Introduction to blockchains and their connection to web3: the case of Decentraland & Cryptovoxels

- Introduction to meta-wallets: MetaMask

Practical exercise: Creation of a metaMask wallet & gallery tour in the web3

Synthesis and Perspectives

a. Implications of artificial intelligence in the development and interaction of metaverses. 

b. Discussion on the benefits, challenges, and ethical implications of metaverses. 

c. Collective reflection and questions.

24 November 2023, 06:00 PM

06:00 PM - 09:00 PM

About The Speakers

Candice Dan

Candice Dan

Art Collision

MA, Art History


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