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From Crypto Scam to Recovery - How It Really Works

A Talk by Chris Groshong (Coinstructive)

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About this Talk

Join us for an eye-opening webinar featuring Chris Groshong, the seasoned Certified Fraud Investigator from CoinStructive, Inc., as he delves into the intricate world of crypto fraud investigations and the path to recovery for victims.

Webinar Overview:

In this comprehensive session, Chris will draw from his extensive 4+ years of experience working with victims of cryptocurrency scams to shed light on:

  • The rising trend of crypto as a vehicle for wealth extraction by fraudsters.
  • The complex lifecycle of a forensic crypto investigation, using real casework examples.
  • The gaps between the necessary investigative work and the current capabilities of law enforcement.
  • Effective solutions and support systems that can aid victims on their journey to justice and healing.

Key Topics Include:

  • Chris Groshong’s Introduction: Learn about the expertise and dedication Chris brings to the fight against crypto fraud.
  • CoinStructive’s Role: Discover the services offered by CoinStructive and their impact on scam recovery.
  • Crypto Fraud Landscape: A comprehensive overview of current trends, FBI statistics, and the most prevalent types of crypto scams.
  • The Recovery Process: An insight into law enforcement’s role and the challenges faced due to limited resources and expertise.
  • CoinStructive’s Approach: Understand how CoinStructive bridges the gap with Investigation Assistance (IA), Forensic Reporting (FR), and liaising with Law Enforcement (LE).
  • Case Studies: Examine real-life scenarios, such as the NFT auction house scam, to understand the investigative process.
  • The Victim’s Dilemma: Addressing the emotional and financial impact on victims and the often uncertain path to recovery.
  • Solutions for the Future: Discussion on creating robust consumer protection services, non-profit investigations, mental health support, and educational initiatives.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to recognize and protect yourself from different types of crypto scams.
  • The importance of legitimate forensic services in the recovery process.
  • Strategies for empowering victims post-scam and the importance of mental health support.
  • The essential role of education in preventing future scams.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is crucial for anyone interested in understanding the dynamics of cryptocurrency scams, victims seeking guidance, professionals in the financial sector, law enforcement officials, and policymakers looking to improve consumer protection.

Webinar Details:

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  • Location: Online Webinar Platform

Don't miss the chance to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the complexities of crypto fraud. Register now for "From Crypto Scam to Recovery - How It Really Works" and take the first step towards empowerment and recovery.

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30 November 2023, 04:00 PM

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM

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Chris Groshong

Chris Groshong


Certified Fraud Investigator & Crypto Compliance Expert


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