Denis Belkevich

AI Palette: Navigating Art+Tech Startups, Investments, and Opportunities

A Talk by Denis Belkevich (Fuelarts)

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About this Talk

This talk aims to provide Art+Tech startups, investors, and artists with a clear understanding of the dynamic role AI is playing in the industry. Denis will offer insights derived from recent data, industry surveys, and strategic analysis to help attendees navigate the complex yet exciting world of Art+Tech innovations.

Explore the intricate fusion of AI and Art+Tech startups with Denis Belkevich, as he sheds light on the evolving relationship between artificial intelligence, investment trends, and the burgeoning opportunities within the sector.

This talk, enriched by Fuelarts' in-depth analysis and recent survey findings, promises to offer a comprehensive strategist's perspective on the current and future landscape of AI in Art+Tech.

Join Denis for this insightful talk that will broaden your understanding of AI’s pivotal role in the future of art and technology startups. Discover the delicate balance between innovation, investment, and the authentic essence of creativity in an increasingly digitized world.

Talk Outline:

Investment and User Engagement Trends:

  • Unveil key findings on investments in parent companies of AI-driven platforms and user engagement statistics for the first half of 2023.
  • Insight into the substantial 41% investment received by AI-focused startups in the last six months.
  • The state of AI utilization among Art+Tech startups, highlighting the spectrum from non-use to exploration and full integration.

Benchmarking AI Image Generators:

  • Presentation of a detailed analysis comparing the top six AI image generators.
  • Review of investment trends in these platforms and user engagement metrics from the first half of 2023.

Global Survey Insights:

  • Discuss results from a comprehensive global survey targeting founders of Art+Tech startups and market experts, including strategists and analysts.
  • Reveal that 50% of surveyed Art+Tech startups are actively developing AI technologies.
  • Highlight that a mere 17% of these startups have fully integrated AI into their business models, with others in various stages of implementation or consideration.
  • Discussion of startups' responses to investor demands regarding AI technology adoption.

Startups’ AI Integration and Investor Influence:

  • Explore the degrees of AI integration within startups and their responses to investor demands.
  • Note that 17% of startups would opt not to implement AI from inception despite investor pressures, while 42% would consider AI incorporation to secure funding.

AI's Impact on Creativity:

  • Unveiling strategists’ perspectives on AI as a support to human creativity in the arts.
  • Consideration of AI's potential to push the boundaries of artistic creativity.
  • Addressing concerns about AI overshadowing human artistic talent.
  • Present the perspective that 60% of strategists believe AI will augment human creativity, asserting its supportive role while maintaining the irreplaceability of human ingenuity.
  • Discuss the one-third consensus on AI's potential to expand creative boundaries and the 7% who voice concerns about AI potentially overshadowing human artists.

Strategic Roles of AI in the Art Market:

  • Analysis of the primary role of AI in market analytics as per the majority of strategists' views.
  • Exploration of AI's support roles in collection management and asset maintenance.
  • The limited support for AI in content production and its surprising absence in the context of trade.
  • Convey that 60% of strategists view AI's primary function as art market analytics.
  • Share that 27% endorse AI's role in management systems for art collectors, while only 13% support its use in content production.
  • Address the surprising consensus that AI's role in the art trade sector is currently non-existent.


  • Summarize the findings and their implications for the Art+Tech industry.
  • Encourage participants to consider the nuanced interplay between AI advancements and the sustainable growth of creative endeavors.
  • Reflective thoughts on the balance between human creativity and AI's capabilities.
  • Encouragement for a proactive approach to AI integration and adaptation in the Art+Tech industry.

28 November 2023, 02:00 PM

02:00 PM - 03:00 PM

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Denis Belkevich

Denis Belkevich



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