Dan Tapper

Sound Design Dan Tapper is a Course Director at York University leading and developing the courses Creative Coding I (DATT 2400), Creative Coding II (DATT 3400), Math, Code, Art (DATT 2040), Creative Methodologies II (PANF 1510) and Multimedia Asset Creation (DATT1200).

About this speaker

Dan Tapper is an artist, creative technologist, and AI wrangler with a deep interest in the intersection between information and experience. Dan's work focuses on revealing the unseen and unheard aspects of our world using radio and imaging technologies to capture the sounds of the Earth's ionosphere, map supernovas, and reveal the intricacies of microscopic worlds, demonstrating a unique ability to find poetry in data.

His background spans across interactive media and multichannel sound, where he has facilitated and created immersive installations for both artists and organizations. His passion lies in working with artists to develop bespoke digital solutions, particularly for projects that are weird, unique, and challenge conventional boundaries.

In his practice, Dan constantly explores new and emerging technologies. Recent projects have involved creating sonic VR environments and working with AI and generative visualization on large scale collaborative performances with fashion designer Flora Miranda, composer Alva Noto and dance company Ballet of Difference. 

Dan also incorporates AI into his personal practice of tarot reading, through the creation of an evolving AI soothsayer to help imagine, guide and process the complex experiences of everyday life.  

In addition to his artistic endeavors, Dan is an educator in the Digital Media department at York University and the Digital Futures program at OCAD. As a technology obsessed creative Dan often incorporates AI into his educational practice, teaching students how to work with AI as a creative and administrative tool, how to hack AI tools and understand the limitations and biases that these tools can impart. Dan regularly gives talks on how AI can be applied effectively and ethically in the classroom.


Experimentation, Ideation, and Creativity with Generative AI

29 November 2023, 05:00 PM
Vandana Taxali Kelly McCray Dan Tapper Carlita Cash


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